The Lumen says farewell to Editor Grace Monk


Jessica Schneider, Campus Life Editor

Grace Monk, head Editor of the Lumen, has overseen the publication for three semesters. However, as the academic year ends and commencement day comes closer and closer, it’s time to say farewell to Monk. 

Reflecting on her time writing and editing for the Lumen, Monk says “I really found myself inspired by the work I’ve been able to do here.” She explained that the Lumen came at an important time in her life. After taking a gap year and switching her major to English, Monk was considering moving back home to Texas and starting over at a new school. Her mom suggested that she find an activity on campus to join. “I decided to join the Lumen because news writing always interested me a bit.” After a couple of semesters, the previous Editor was leaving, and Monk stepped into the role.  

“When I started,” Monk said, “I had two goals in mind. Number one, to be a paper that represented the student body a little bit more … and to change it into a well-functioning machine.” During her time as Editor, Monk redistributed staff roles and tightened deadlines to increase the number of issues produced each semester.  

Monk has really come to love watching the impact her work has on the campus. “Knowing that the writing we’re doing is having an impact, or you know, actually giving news to people or talking about really important things and sparking important conversations. I think that’s also one of my favorite things that I’ve seen happen as Editor.”  

To the next Editor of the Lumen, Monk says “Always uphold the integrity of the paper. Be a leader that works to serve other people and not yourself.” She went on to say, “Always think about what’s best for everyone else that’s out here and not just yourself, because I feel like it’s something so special—what you have the opportunity to do—and a lot of students here don’t have that kind of voice.  

There are plenty of things Monk will miss about being a part of the Lumen, including “leading a team of such hardworking and inspiring people.” She went on to say, “I’m going to miss writing for it. I’m going to miss speaking out when things need to be said or informing people. Everything about being Editor I love and I’m going to miss it.”  

Moving forward, Monk is going to pursue journalism professionally. For now, she’s pleased with the time she spent with the Lumen. “I’m very proud of the work that has happened and what the Lumen has become over the last year and a half. I could never put enough into words how proud I am of everyone, seeing our team grow and the excitement and everything,” she explained. “I always had this fear inside that, like, I’m not doing a good enough job, you know? But sometimes just watching how well you guys do and how much we’ve improved, it just tells me that maybe I am or maybe I’ve just said the right things, and everyone picked it up.”  

Concluding her reflection on the hours spent writing, editing and organizing countless Lumen articles and issues, Monk was able to say, “I’m so grateful to Jackie [Herbers] and Alex [Ashland] for giving me this experience and trusting me so much … I feel like it really gave me a purpose.”