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The need for perfection: A response to social media and unrealistic expectations

Carter Steger, Assistant Editor March 23, 2023

Perfection is often viewed in our society as something for which we should strive. Although when we make it a continual point of importance it has the potential to increase anxiety and lessen our enjoyment...

The dangers of misinformation and TikTok’s “non-toxic living” trend

Grace Monk, Editor March 1, 2023

In recent years, TikTok has become the world’s top social media platform. Once a place for lip syncing and dance challenges, the platform has now become a guidebook for generation Z and beyond. While...

A shot of Maria Angelorum Chapel taken in November of 2018

The Lumen says farewell to staff member Nathan Janzen

Grace Monk, Editor December 7, 2022

As the semester comes to an end, the Lumen is preparing to say goodbye to Arts and Entertainment Editor, Nathan Janzen. The Lumen recently sat down with him to reflect on his experience.  “I didn’t...

The Parasocial Paradise

Jessica Schneider, Campus Life Editor November 16, 2022

Parasocial relationships aren’t a new phenomenon. My own mother talks about her days as a Duran Duran fangirl, how she’d fawn over their posters and become invested in their lives. The very essence...

Doing well or living well? Competition culture in post-secondary education

Grace Monk, Editor October 31, 2022

There are some aspects of higher education that create an environment where students are constantly competing against each other. Competition in post-secondary has its pros and cons, with the bad outweighing...

Creativity is forgotten, but it doesn’t have to be

Carter Steger, Assistant Editor October 20, 2022

Children are praised for their imagination and innocence, not yet having experienced the hardships of “growing up” when we leave that playful innocence and creativity behind in the interest of being...

Big cost with little reward: Should the cost of meal plans be lowered?

Grace Monk, Editor October 5, 2022

College meal plans are designed to provide students with the convenience of not having to cook, budget, and buy groceries. For students without transportation or culinary skills, meal plans can be beneficial....

How a culture that prioritizes today wastes tomorrow

Calum Sullivan, Assistant Editor May 2, 2022

If we were all sitting in the room together today and I were to conduct a poll, I think it would be safe to assume that in the past week we have all dumped at least one plate of food into the Viterbo cafeteria’s...

I am so grateful to have been your Editor

Mitchell Shaw, Former Editor April 11, 2022

Issue no. 5, vol. 67, was the last issue I oversaw as Editor of the Lumen Newspaper. Maybe you noticed? It was bitter-sweet to step down from a position which has brought me so much joy. However, when...

The Trojan Horse affair and danger of religious phobia in public high schools

Calum Sullivan, Assistant Editor March 28, 2022

  Here’s the cut and dry version.  In 2013, an unsigned, nondescript, one-page document was delivered to Birmingham City Council Leader Albert Bore’s desk, exposing a supposed “Islamist...

Domestic abuse awareness:  The next step is action

Domestic abuse awareness: The next step is action

Calum Sullivan, Assistant Editor March 7, 2022

October is national ADHD awareness month.  As someone with ADHD, I’ve always found this funny.  Not that we shouldn’t look out for our friends' mental health- but being aware of someone’s ADHD...

“I’m sorry professor, TikTok ate my homework!”

Mitchell Shaw, Editor December 13, 2021

It is finals week at Viterbo. A time when students, like myself, are frantic to cram for exams, hash out research papers, and catch up on late work. In my planner I have allotted time to make all this...

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