Viterbo announces new campus initiatives


Viterbo’s campus during the summer

Grace Monk, Editor

On Feb. 14, Viterbo announced five new initiatives to improve student experience on campus.  

The first initiative announced was an increase in student worker wages. Viterbo has a current minimum rate of $8.25 per hour. After students raised concerns about student wages, the university decided to raise the minimum rate to $11.00 per hour. The increased wage will allow students with work study and non-work study jobs to work fewer hours per week. This will enable students to dedicate more time to academics. The student work wage increase will go into effect in the fall 2023 semester.  

The second initiative announced was a new safety app called V-Hawk SAFE. Viterbo’s Student Government Association recognized that students need easy access to safety and emergency resources. SGA president, Kiley Silva, shared that the app will allow students to contact emergency services, notify someone when walking alone, access emergency procedure, and more. V-Hawk SAFE has not been released, but the university will provide  

The third initiative announced was the expansion of meal plan options. Meal plans have been a concern for students on campus. To meet the needs of students, Viterbo will offer 7 meal plan options to students starting fall 2023. The university currently offers 4 options including a commuter plan, 160 meals per semester, 15 meals per week, and 7 day all-access. The current cost of meal plans ranges from $1,950-$2,835. 

This new initiative takes what is currently available to students and breaks them into options, offering a flex and value version, excluding the commuter plan. The new options will offer an increase in V-Hawk Bucks for all plans and the option to have less meal swipes per semester. V-Hawk Bucks will range from $150-$550, allowing students to purchase food at Einstein’s or the Pod. The initiative will include an increase in price. The cost of meal plans in the fall will range from $2,025-$2,950.  

The fourth initiative announced was the reduction of summer course fees and an increase in course options. This initiative is designed to help students stay on track with their four-year graduation plans. Courses will be offered at $295 per credit hour, effective Summer 2023. Both face-to-face and online courses will be offered. 

The university will also offer housing to students at a weekly rate. Housing will be provided in Rose Terrace and will cost $130 per week. Weekly rates will allow students to choose the number of weeks they reside on campus. Students can find more information on courses and housing by visiting 

The fifth initiative announced was the Zero-Tuition Summer Internship. The university recognizes the importance of internships and wants to make them more accessible and affordable for students. Tuition will be waived for credit-based internships, requiring students to only pay a $75 per credit course fee.  

Students wanting to register should contact Alyssa Gostonczik. For questions regarding Viterbo’s new campus initiatives, students may also reach out to the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, Kirsten Gabriel.