STP’s annual Thrift Shop to help raise funds for current show


Elizabeth Meyer, a member of the Student Theatre Project

Anna Vande Krol, Arts and Entertainment Editor

On Feb. 24 and 25, Student Theatre Project (STP), a student-run organization, held their annual Thrift Shop fundraiser to support their current show, “Heathers the Musical.” One of the members of STP, Elizabeth Meyer, a sophomore Acting major, shared some information about the event. “It’s a really nice fundraiser because it allows us to start from no cost because it’s students donating and then we get to resell their clothes to students in the Conservatory and other students who aren’t a part of the Conservatory.” She states that the fundraiser is “fiscally responsible” because STP gets to repurpose student’s donated clothes. 

The members of STP were able to collect many pieces of clothing because they used “drop off points.” “[Someone has] a basket or something like it in [a specific] building [so people] don’t have to go very far to donate clothes,” Meyer states. Having these students do drop-off points in specific buildings helps people see where they can drop off their donated clothes. There was also an open call and email postings that went out to spread the word regarding the importance of donating. “A lot of the STP members definitely stepped up to bring in some big loads but so did a lot of other students, which is great to see people outside of the organization support [this fundraiser],” Meyer said. 

As for the organization and management of this event, it was the responsibility of the board members of STP. Meyer shared how Maddy Balard, one of the board members, helped get the ball rolling for this event. “Maddy reserved the space ahead of time. Then [there were] a lot of email postings, word of mouth [and a] sign-up genius that went out to the STP members to sign up to work shifts here. Just a lot of encouraging your friends to donate,” Meyer said. “It’s a nice spot because it’s nice and open. It gives us room for counter space, and it’s also in a busy location,” she said when referring to the nursing building. 

Meyer shared that finding students to work was difficult this semester since there is one event after another. This was the most stressful part of the process for her. “Everybody is in various stages of tech or rehearsal, even on weekends. [We had] to make sure we had enough people to work because everybody is just so busy,” she explained.  

Even though this event had its stressful moments, Meyer said, “Honestly, I have really enjoyed this because in high school I was really active in the student government and the student organizations. I didn’t really have much time to do much of that since being at college. I didn’t realize how much I really missed planning and orchestrating student events. That has been something I’ve always enjoyed.” 

STP’s Thrift Shop began last year, a tradition they hope to keep continuing. “[We’re hoping] to expand on it for once a semester than once a year. Hopefully [it can be] a bi-annual thing. We’re going to get back on track with our other fundraisers. We’ll be hoping to get information out about that soon.”  

If you missed the Thrift Shop this semester, keep an eye out for it next year as well as other fundraisers of theirs. Meanwhile, follow STP’s Instagram, @viterbostp, for more updates on their upcoming show, “Heathers the Musical.” This show will be performed May 5-7 at the Pump House in downtown La Crosse.