The Lumen says farewell to staff member Nathan Janzen


A shot of Maria Angelorum Chapel taken in November of 2018

Grace Monk, Editor

As the semester comes to an end, the Lumen is preparing to say goodbye to Arts and Entertainment Editor, Nathan Janzen. The Lumen recently sat down with him to reflect on his experience. 

“I didn’t plan to join the Lumen, it kind of just happened,” says Janzen. He began writing for the Lumen after being approached by former Lumen advisor, Jackie Herbers. “I was taking a combined VUSM-100 with Dr. Herbers and I gave a response to one of the discussion questions,” said Jaznen, “and she later approached me asking if I wanted a job writing for the Lumen.”  Janzen agreed and joined as a freelance writer until his junior year when he accepted the position of Arts and Entertainment Editor.  

“The Lumen has been an enriching experience,” said Janzen. “Being able to work outside of my two majors has kept me engaged as student.” Janzen is currently a double major in both Music and Finance. In addition to the Lumen, he is the president for the Student National Association of Teacher of Singing, a member of Viterbo’s Concert Choir and Ninth Street Singers, and a member of the St. Francis Choir at San Damiano Chapel.  

For Janzen, the Lumen has helped him grow as a writer and as a student. “Writing for the Lumen has taught me how to put my ideas together and work efficiently.” As a full-time staff member, Janzen writes multiple articles per issue on top of his regular schoolwork. He stated that, “being in this position means I have to set aside time for writing and editing which forces me to be more efficient with the rest of my work.” Janzen added that, “learning to manage my time through the Lumen was very impactful and will stick with me after school.” 

 During his four years with the Lumen, Janzen wrote a variety of articles, his favorite being “A trip down memory lane featuring a special alum.” The article featured Dan Johnson-Wilmont’s 54-year-old snake plant and included stories about Viterbo from Johnson-Wilmont’s perspective. “I am proud of it because it really ties back to the history of the university and how it tells stories that are often missed when talking about Viterbo,” stated Janzen.  

“The most important thing I will take away from my experience is what it means to write about a community and the people who live in it,” stated Janzen. The Lumen covers many Viterbo events and requires its staff members to engage with the community. Janzen shared that he also learned the importance of professionalism and carefully choosing your words.  

Janzen’s advice for students is “in life, and in writing, always go back to the quote, because even if you think you know what someone said, that might not be how they said it.” Janzen encourages students to always take a closer look at things to avoid making assumptions in life.  

Janzen is set to graduate in December, where he will receive a BA in Music and a BBA in Finance.