Lauryn Sobasky achieves historic statistical feat through consistency and leadership


Lauryn Sobasky joins the 3000-1000 club.

Noah Nelson, Sports Editor

Lauryn Sobasky has had an incredible career on the Viterbo Women’s Volleyball Team and has recently become the third athlete in Viterbo’s history to have 3,000 assists and 1,000 digs in a career. This achievement is a testimony to her elite work ethic and dedication to the sport.   

As Viterbo Women’s Volleyball’s starting setter, it is Lauryn Sobasky’s job to keep the defense intact and the offense able to attack. She is the captain of the ship, so to speak. As such, she has played in every single set since she started her career which has allowed her consistency to shine. 

Sobasky’s career at Viterbo began late. She became injured in her senior year of high school and committed to Viterbo later than most athletes. However, she decided to come to Viterbo in the spring before her freshman year and ended up redshirting that season. She began her playing career the following season and was one of four athletes that year to play in every set. In that same year she put up 793 assists and 243 digs.  

As a sophomore, Sobasky set a career high in assists with 840, led the team in aces with 51, and was fifth on the team in digs with 268. She was also named to the NSAA second team all-conference.  

In addition to numerous accolades on the court, she has maintained success in the classroom as well. Sobasky has been an NSAA Scholar Athlete four times. Maintaining a high GPA while competing at such a high level is a testament to Sobasky’s work ethic.  

Sobasky’s head coach, Ryan Delong, raved about her talents, saying that she “has a very high volleyball IQ” and “is skilled in all aspects of the game.” Sobasky has proven this throughout her career, showing her well-rounded skills by being in the top five on the team in aces, digs and assists in almost every year that she has competed.  

Leadership traits are some of Sobasky’s most prominent qualities, with Delong saying, “She leads by example. She works hard.” This dedication to the work has made Sobasky the heart of this team. Delong went on to say, “Her body is beat up, but she goes hard. Others see that and are inspired.” 

Consistency is key when it comes to sports, and Sobasky’s consistent work ethic has made her one of the cornerstones of Viterbo’s dominant Women’s Volleyball program. She has never missed a set in her career which has allowed for the success that she has achieved.  

Sobasky has proven to be a consistent force to be reckoned with. Achieving historic accomplishments while maintaining academic excellence has made her a leader for a very exciting team.