The Good Bean is a guided opportunity


Carter Steger, Assistant Editor

The Good Bean is an easily accessible coffee shop close to campus that allows  students an opportunity to venture off campus briefly. There are no billboards or large signs directing students there, however its wide variety of menu items and positive cause offers students a different opportunity to meet their coffee needs.  

Its close proximity to campus means that students can walk, order and still be back to classes without having to worry about traffic that a trip to other coffee places might bring. Instead of having to travel and deal with potentially long wait times, students can simply walk just past La Verna. 

The Good Bean is a coffee shop located inside the Coulee Recovery Center on Ferry St., directly to the left of La Verna apartments on campus. The Good Bean was developed by VARC Inc., an organization that specializes in creating a pathway for individuals seeking opportunities. Their mission statement is to develop and provide meaningful employment, skill-building, and community inclusion services for individuals with varying abilities and other life barriers.” 

The Coulee Recovery Center moved to its current location in 2018, intentionally building the space for a coffee shop aside from its other operations. The Good Bean did not come to fruition until 2019, a year after the Coulee Recovery Center moved into its new location near Viterbo.  

In terms of the menu, The Good Bean offers a wide range of coffee, including americanos, cappuccinos, or plain-flavored coffee with options like vanilla or caramel. Additionally, if caffeinated coffee is not a favorite, they also offer chai lattes, teas, and even hot cocoa. The Good Bean’s selection also supports a wide variety of dietary needs as well as offering alternatives to dairy products, flavors and fruits.  

Viterbo’s mission of preparing students for “faithful service and ethical leadership” is similar to the goals of The Good Bean. Each organization seeks to equip the individuals going through their programs with skills that will be useful throughout life. The Good Bean is a positive avenue for people who are experiencing the process of going through recovery. The business aims to build common workplace skills while also fostering a positive and safe space for individuals. Another goal found on The Good Bean’s website is that it “aims to support participants to overcome employment barriers while earning an income that reinforces self-sustainability.” 

Several community businesses and members have come together throughout the years to support The Good Bean’s operations. They receive support from places like Starbucks, Moka, and others in order “To ensure that the training program remains vital and that we expand our capacity in numbers of trainees and positive outcomes. “Good Bean Café,” they continue, “relies on this support alongside sales revenues.” 

The Good Bean’s supportive menu provides drinks for all dietary needs and preferences. It is just a short walk from the academic block of campus while being easily accessible from the residence side of campus right across the street from La Verna. Its close location to campus is great for students who do not want to drive to get coffee, and the business supports a cause that Viterbo can get behind.