Residence Hall Association brings students together


Carter Steger, Assistant Editor

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) for Viterbo University is an organization founded and run by students living on campus. The goal of RHA is to provide an avenue of self-expression and government for students regarding life on campus. RHA, currently led by President Caitlin Hause, is in the process of planning a dance on Dec. 3 where they hope to collect non-perishable donations. 

RHA thrives on the involvement of students living on campus. The organization functions with democratic practices to ensure students have a fair say in its operations. RHA covers a wide variety of things from suggestions for campus dining, to residence life policies, and to considering ways that Viterbo could improve to cultivate a more comfortable and safe living experience on campus. If students are interested, they have the opportunity to pursue leadership positions within the organization. An emphasis of RHA is to allow the organization to serve as the avenue for students’ voices to be heard in a constructive manner by the university.  

Covering residence life issues is not RHA’s only purpose. RHA also plans and co-plans events to bring students together with a purpose. For the dance on Dec. 3 RHA is collaborating with the Student Government Association, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and the Student Activities Board to make the event happen. RHA President House said, “Each club will be sponsoring a large prize that any student who attends and brings a non-perishable food or hygiene product will be entered to win of their choosing.” RHA hopes to include all students in picking a theme for the dance. House noted, “We will be sending out a survey to the entire student body in the next two weeks to decide on a theme.” 

The dance’s purpose is not only to provide students with a way to relax before the start of finals, but also to give back to the community. The donations will be used to restock Viterbo’s own student pantries. If there is a surplus of donations, RHA plans on donating the extras to local pantries in the La Crosse area.  

Viterbo’s core values of service and stewardship are at the forefront of RHA’s operations.  Service is defined as “working for the common good in the spirit of humility and joy” while stewardship is “practicing responsible use of all resources in our trust.” Providing students an opportunity to help restock the student and local pantries is a clear example of service. Stewardship is alive in RHA’s idea of collecting non-perishable items to allow those who use the pantries to collect items as they need.  

RHA practices Viterbo’s values in their operations and events. The organization gives students a voice while also providing an opportunity to serve others. Be sure to keep an eye out for an RHA survey in your student emails these upcoming weeks. The dance is Dec. 3 from 8-12pm and non-perishable food or hygiene items are welcome for donation.