Viterbo Speaks Up: A resource for all


Calum Sullivan

Recent instances of hate and bias on Viterbo’s campus leave many students feeling threatened and in need of support.   This leaves students wondering what their best option is for finding that help and support from Viterbo administration.  Often referenced as a good option for students to report issues on campus, Viterbo Speaks Up is an online resource many students are unfamiliar with.  But what even is Viterbo Speaks Up what kind of concerns can one report?   


Viterbo Speaks Up is a place where students, employees, and family members can report crimes, worrisome behaviors, harassment, sexual violence or assault, hate/bias discrimination, violations of the Viterbo University Code of Student Conduct, and other issues and concerns. Viterbo University is committed to providing a safe, educational environment for all members of our community, and by speaking up, you’re helping make that happen.  


Reports filed under Viterbo Speaks Up fall under six categories, and each has its own specifications surrounding who the report is sent to, when submitting a report can benefit the involved students, and specification for whether a report can be anonymously filed.  


Submitted to Campus Safety and Security and Residence Life, Student Conduct Violations can be submitted anonymously and often end up in the hands of Executive Vice President of Student Success Rick Trietley or Director of Campus Safety and Security Adam Malin.   In contrast, issues of hate and bias related incidents – any incident that is physically or verbally harmful and aimed at a protected identity – is reported to Trietley, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Kirsten Gabriel and Director of International and Intercultural Student Success Megan Pierce. These can be anonymously reported.  


If students have a general concern surrounding life on campus, they have two options.  An anonymous report can be filed to the Student Government Association, where the idea will be discussed at an SGA meeting, or the student can issue the report to the vice president’s or senior administrators of each area on campus, but must do so without anonymity.   


If students are concerned about another student’s health or wellbeing, they can report this anonymously to the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) which will assess the concern and then determine the appropriate course of action to take in reaching out to the student.  

Lastly, a concern of sexual harassment or sexual assault can be filed anonymously and goes into the hands of Viterbo’s title IX coordinatorsTina Mahlum-Johns and Kirsten Gabriel, the chair of campus safety and securityAdam Malin, and the chair of the Behavioral Intervention Team.   


Report Type  Who Gets It?  Anonymous? 
University Concern  Vice Presidents/ Senior Administrators of each area on campus  No 
OnCampus Change  Student Government Association   Yes or No 
Hate and Bias Incidents  Director of International and Intercultural Student Success, Executive Vice President of Student Success, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs  Yes or No 
Student Conduct Violations  Chair of Campus Safety and Security, Executive Vice President of Student Success  Yes or No 
Concern About Another Student  BIT  Yes or No 
Sexual Harassment/Assault  Title IX Coordinators, Chair of Campus Safety and Security, Chair of BIT team  Yes or No 


The goal of Viterbo Speaks Up is to give students a better ability to speak up on Viterbo’s campus, and hopefully students feel empowered to do just that.