Mathy Center continues programs despite low student attendance


Grace Monk, Sports editor

Since the Mathy Center was first built in 2005, staff members have worked to provide students with opportunities to better their health and well-being. From self-defense to yoga class, the recreation team offers a variety of activities. Mathy Center staff members never had a problem getting students through the door, but with the changes that occurred during the pandemic, it seems to be harder than ever. 

Covid-19 put limitations on student activities campus-wide last year, and it made things challenging at the Mathy Center. Last year, the recreation team did its best to provide students with online resources while certain restrictions were in place. They understand the importance of physical activity and wanted to ensure students still had access to that.  

Mathy Center staff was thrilled to reopen to both students and the community this year, even with the campus-wide mask mandate in place. The recreation team has been hard at work this year making sure there are plenty of student programs.  

Programs are provided each week, but they have had low student turn out this year. Recent events, such as the intramural dodgeball tournament, have been cancelled due to low registration numbers. They have been making strides to inform students of the activities, but the issue still remains. 

The recreation and leadership programs help students take care of their bodies and minds. Throughout the history of these programs, the staff has seen the impact these programs have on students. Students have reported decreased levels of stress and find it easier to manage their time.  

They strive to give students a way to take care of their bodies while exercising their minds and engaging with others. The Director of Recreation and Leadership, Marci Iverson, shared that “there’s a lot of other elements and components to these programs such as social engagement and fostering networks that create a sense of belonging.” 

Each week, fitness classes and mental health awareness programs are provided by staff members. A variety of activities are offered to meet the needs of each student. For students looking to take care of their mental health, they offer student well-being sessions at 6:00 p.m. on Thursdays.  

During these sessions, students can partake in activities, such as crafts, to give their brain a break while also learning healthy coping skills. They also schedule a monthly pet therapy program called Pause 4 Paws, which will take place on November 16 this month.  

For students looking for activities that are a little more physical, the Mathy Center offers weekly events such as volleyball and bowling. Every Sunday starting at 8:30 p.m. Viterbo students can bowl for free at Pla-Mor Lanes and on Wednesdays, students can sign up to play volleyball through their intramurals program. The Mathy Center also offers group fitness classes throughout the week such as yoga and core strength. 

The Mathy Center team works hard to get this information to students, and there are numerous ways to access it. Students can find all the information they need about the programs in the Viterbo app. Students can also check out VU today or the Viterbo Recreation Instagram page for updates.