SGA assembles task force to combat Viterbo’s parking crisis


Mitchell Shaw, Editor

The Viterbo Student Government Association, SGA, is looking to solve Viterbo’s parking problem. At their most recent meeting Oct. 24, led by President Logan Jancsurak, concerns surrounding the limited spaces for people to park were addressed. Since that meeting, Jancsurak and his team have taken crucial steps in solving this present issue. Step one, assembling a task force to combat this issue. 

For students and staff, finding a parking spot is a difficult task. Spots are limited and passes are valuable and scarce. Each morning and each night, cars can be spotted circling the lots to find a home—having to inevitably settle for a place on the street a block away from campus. With alternate-side parking starting, students on campus are eager to find a solution. 

Leading the charge is SGA, which has begun organizing a task force to be led by an executive member of the group, which will begin holding individual meetings as a group, discussions with Viterbo officials, and exploring solutions. Solutions, pitched already by members of SGA include the potential allocation of street-space, reserving existing space in private lots (e. g. physical plant), a possible agreement with the FSPA to use spaces on their lot, and fundraising money for Viterbo’s first parking ramp. However, at the time of this writing, all these are simply ideas. 

Also charged with this new task force, in close association with the university, is ensuring parking spots are safe and available to permit-carrying members of our community. This will be done by ensuring each lot is within view of an outdoor camera, in the case of theft or damage to a vehicle, and by instating more intense fining or other consequences for violators. 

This process is only in its beginning stages, however, and an executive has yet to be officially named. There are no deadlines or goals set, at the time of this article’s publishing, but the next meeting is scheduled for Sunday Nov. 6 at 7:00 p.m. The Lumen will continue to follow this story, as well as other SGA projects, as they develop.